Get to Know Korrie Taylor

Involved at CNYP since:  2012
Board Member since:  2016
Real Life: Dental office manager/Dental Assistant

Korrie is the media coordinator for CNYP which means she’s the person who contacts and coordinates all the reviewers who come to see our productions.

Every show has its own special moments but Korrie’s favorite memory was getting to share the stage with her husband and two kids in “Annie”- Josh and Korrie played “Rooster” and “Lily St. Regis”, their daughter Tatum played “Molly”, and their son Trent was in the ensemble. “Seeing my babies onstage made me so proud i can’t even explain it,” Korrie says.

CNYP is important to Korrie because it’s an extended family. “Theatre can be a very good escape from the real world for me and CNYP is a very welcoming environment. The friendships I’ve made there will last a lifetime and I love that the family keeps growing.”

“If you are looking for a fun group of people to go a little crazy with…. CNYP is it. Like i said, it truly is a family and we are always excited to welcome new people into this crazy world of theatre!”