Get to Know Bella Lupia

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Involved at CNYP since:  2018
Board Member since:  2020
Real Life: Teaching Artists Redhouse arts center (when not in a pandemic)

Bella has been involved at CNYP since directing “Miracle on 34th Street” in December 2018. She’s also directed “The Addams Family” and starred in this season’s “Shakespeare In Love” – “My favorite musical and my favorite play,” she says. “I’m so lucky to have worked on both at CNYP!”


Her favorite memory of being part of the CNYP community is a huge group photo at her wedding. She appreciates that the community supports and loves each other even outside the walls of the theatre. That’s why she thinks CNYP is an important part of our community: it opens its arms to everyone.

CNYP is important to Bella because of the people she’s met and because of the way she’s been able to grow as a director. “I was surrounded by so much support and talent.” She’s looking forward to developing some education classes for CNYP in the future!