We’re moving.

Dear CNYP Family,

No one imagined when we closed temporarily in March that the 2020 season would have turned out this way. We have missed seeing our actors, production teams, and audiences so much over the past six months. 

Today, we have sad news to share with you.

Shoppingtown Mall has asked its tenants to vacate their spaces in the next 30 Days. After almost 8 years, CNY Playhouse will no longer be the “theatre in a mall”. 

This does NOT mean CNYP is closing permanently. We are moving to a storage facility while we plan for whatever the next chapter looks like. We don’t know where or when that chapter will start but we will keep you posted as we regroup and reimagine our future.

In the next 30 days our board will be hard at work organizing, packing, cleaning, and moving. We’ll need to rent trucks, dumpsters, and rent our storage space. If you would like to help cover moving expenses, you can donate here.

We wish that we all could’ve had the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to the space that has become a creative home and a community gathering space for hundreds of artists and thousands of audience members since we opened in 2012. We’re grateful for the time we’ve had at Shoppingtown, the art we’ve created together and the friendships we found there. We hope you’ll stick with us through this transition and that we’ll see you when it’s safe to gather again. 

We’d love to talk with you more and answer your questions. Please feel free to email info@cnyplayhouse.org to reach the Governing Board but know that we have a lot of moving to do and we appreciate your patience if it takes us longer than usual to respond to you! 

With love and gratitude,

Abel Searor
Keith Arlington
Kate Crawford
Elizabeth Allers
Patricia Catchouny
Dan Randall

& The Production Board of CNYP