We Want More

November 18-19, 2022

We Want More started out as an examination of the rock industry, the negative stereotypes and realities associated with it (drug abuse, violence, lives that end in
overdose/suicide), and where that comes from. It evolved into an examination of the pressures
that contemporary society puts on creative people, and the struggle to remain authentic and
retain a sense of identity in industries that aren’t always built to reward it.

Ultimately, it’s a story
about dealing with failure and tragedy, and how easy it is to isolate ourselves in the wake of it, when the best way through it is to reach out, connect, and relate with other human beings.

This is a workshop of an original music production written by CNY Playhouse performer Ian Doherty.

Cast & Creative Team

Director: Lynn Barbato King
Producer: Kate Hopkins & Mookey VanOrden
Writer: Ian Doherty