In 2012 the idea for “theater in a mall” started with a group of friends looking for a dedicated community theater space.  Born from the ashes of Not Another Theater Company our collection of theatrical vagabonds opened our space in Shoppingtown Mall on November 1, 2012. CNY Playhouse is a New York State incorporated nonprofit.

Taking on one of the most ambitious theatrical schedules around, CNY Playhouse has staged several productions throughout the year since opening doors.  We now boast over 50 theatrical productions in our short history bringing Broadway and Off Broadway hits to CNY audiences.  We have garnered over 130 Syracuse Area Live Theater nominations (and 13 wins!) and 3 runner up nominations for Best Local Theater in the Syracuse NewTimes Best of Syracuse series.

From the moment we opened we partnered with other community groups and artists to give a space to their endeavors. We also have given homes to amateur comics in our Cuse Comedy Showcase series, the finest singers in town have been given the spotlight in our Cabaret series, and Singer/songwriters and children performers have found a home in our One Night Series.

Whatever your entertainment taste, CNY Playhouse represents the best value for your dollar.  Award winning theater at community prices.  Come visit our theater and find out how talented your friends and neighbors really are!