Characters: Spacebar

KYLE SUGARMAN – the main character, 16 years old. Kyle has written an unrealistically long play (“Spacebar”), which he believes is the best play ever written. is fervent hope that Broadway will produce it becomes tangled with emotional trauma he has experienced through the death of his sister and abandonment by his father. Partial / suggested undress (negotiable). Strong language. Several long monologues. Character uses he/him pronouns but is gender flexible (ALL genders strongly encouraged to audition).

ALAN / CAPTIAN IDITAROD / CRAIG – three roles played by one actor. Alan is Kyle’s father, a businessman with a dark, wounded, callous philosophy on life and death. Captain Iditarod is the main character of Kyle’s play, a tragic hero who must choose between love and a potentially suicidal mission. Craig is the actor who is ultimately cast as Captain Iditarod in the production of “Spacebar,” a possible mentor and friend. Strong language. Medium monologues. Male.

[FAKE] ALAN – Fake Alan has no lines, but hovers over important moments in Kyle’s life; his face is not seen, and it should be assumed by the audience that he is Alan. Body language is crucial for his impact on the story; appearance from behind should be as identical to Alan as possible. Male.

JESSICA – Kyle’s crush, 17 years old; a “mean girl” full of attitude and manipulation, who is hiding a scared, loving side. Partial / suggested undress (negotiable). Strong language. Female.

MORTIMER PIP – A character in Kyle’s play, drunken and foul-mouthed, played for comedy. Very strong language. Gender flexible.

PLAYBOY McMANNAHAN – A character in Kyle’s play, a playboy with a tuxedo and a jetpack. Entitled, overconfident, and smug. Gender flexible.

ESMERALDA HAPPENSTANCE – A character in Kyle’s play who is a Tennessee Williams ingenue from the waist up and a robot from the waist down. A chanteuse who becomes the source and target of Captain Iditarod’s profound passion. Mild language. Female.

CABBIE – An absurd NYC cab driver, optimistic and loud. Strong language. Gender flexible.

FANCY MAGEE – A bizarre would-be-off-Broadway producer. Possibly drunk; definitely high. Speaks in metaphors, non-sequiturs, and hyperbole. Very strong language. Simulated drug use. Gender flexible.

ZDENKA KROPOCOVA – A Czech actress who auditions to be in “Spacebar” despite having a poor grasp of English and no understanding of the play. Eager, trusting, and confident. Accent work, one line in Czech. Female.

VARIOUS ENSEMBLE – Various pre-recorded voices; students; travelers; coffee shop customers; auditioners. Will also serve as stage crew for moving set pieces and props between scenes. Gender flexible. May understudy other roles.

The play has 2 acts. There are 10 scenes in Act 1, 7 scenes in Act 2. Below are the number of scenes and approximate number of lines for each character.

KYLE SUGARMAN – 14 scenes, 200 lines
ALAN / CAPTAIN IDITAROD / CRAIG – 8 scenes, 75 lines
[FAKE] ALAN – 5 to 7 scenes, 0 lines

JESSICA – 7 scenes, 100 lines

MORTIMER PIP – 2 scenes, 16 lines

PLAYBOY McMANNAHAN – 1 scene, 21 lines

ESMERALDA HAPPENSTANCE – 2 scenes, 28 lines

CABBIE – 1 scene, 13 lines

FANCY MAGEE – 4 scenes, 65 lines

ZDENKA KROPOCOVA – 3 scenes, 12 lines

ENSEMBLE – 5 scenes plus serving as run crew; a few lines for some members