Auditions: Prescription Murder

July 30, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Atonement Lutheran Church

Director Lynn King is looking to fill roles for our October/November 2023 production of PRESCRIPTON: MURDER by William Link. Auditioners must be 18+. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination due by first rehearsal.

Auditioners do not need to have anything prepared; they will be given sides from the script. 


Character Descriptions:

Dr. Roy Flemming– A Psychiatrist. 40’s Presenting. Polished, urbane, highly intelligent. He can be charming but also cold, calculating and pragmatic.
Claire Flemming- Roy’s Wife. Late 30’s-Early 40’s. Brittle. Lonely. Covers insecurities and low self-esteem with sardonic wit. Trying to save a loveless marriage.
Susan Hudson– An Actress. 20’s presenting. Wide Eyed. In love and over her head. Easily manipulated but not without a backbone. As the play goes on, she shows the strain of having been an accomplice.
Lieutenant Columbo– A rumpled police detective of indeterminate age; he could be anywhere from 40-70. On the surface he appears bumbling, vague, deferential. But underneath that exterior he is shrewd and shows innate knowledge of human nature.
Dave Gordon– Any age. Friend of The Flemmings. A Lawyer. Smooth. He has political aspirations and likes to feel important.
Miss Petrie– Dr. Flemming’s Secretary. 30’s-50’s Presenting. Calm. Efficient. Friendly. Minds her own business.
Delivery Boy– One short scene. Any age. This part could possibly double with Dave Gordon or possibly understudy/swing the male leads depending on casting needs.