• “Pops” Bailey – NON-SINGING – Stage-doorman. Cranky, crotchety, miserable, foul-
    tempered. Tolerates Lou, really only likes Ann. Was in WWI, has a son currently serving.
  • Clifton Feddington – Announcer, general manager, head of everything. Co-producer with
  • Johnny’s Uncle Saul. Genuine, vulnerable, never without a bromo. Think WKRP’s Mr
  • Carlson, but with actual radio knowledge and some talent.
  • Wally Ferguson – Star-struck pharmacy delivery boy. Eager, enthusiastic, and in awe of ‘the business of show’. Wants to be a part of what’s happening.
  • Neal Tilden – The comic who thinks he can do it all. With Ann and Johnny, one of the original members of the Cavalcade. Always working an angle, almost always failing miserably. Taxi driver when not at the station.
  • Biff Baker – Part of the band, also sings and acts. This is his last show – he has been in basic training at Ft Bragg, and tomorrow he goes overseas with a fighter squadron. Team player. MUST PLAY TRUMPET
  • BJ Gibson – The youngest of the three Gibson boys, BJ has followed his brothers into radio. Very aggressive about his career; always seeking input and advice. Dick Powell-type. Dating Connie. Student at Yale who trains in for the shows.
  • Johnny Cantone – Featured vocalist. Tough guy on the Sinatra bandwagon. Drinks, and thinks he hides it better than he actually does. Pays bobbysoxers to cheer for him. Will flirt with anything in a skirt. Good enough that it’s sad to see him failing to live up to his potential. Married, but his wife left him years ago. “Dating” Ann.


  • Ginger Brooks – Waitress who was ‘discovered’ by Lou. Sexy without trying. Always moving, almost always chewing gum. Betty Grable/Betty Boop/Gracie Allen hybrid. Geneva Brown – The only professional singer – this is her side gig. She performs full time in an uptown jazz club. She usually hangs with the band, and loves to give Clifton a hard time. Always performing, always dressed to kill.
  • Connie Miller – Bobbysoxer girl next door. Wholesome, enthusiastic, and always in love. Elevator operator during the day.
  • Ann Collier – The girl that the boys ‘over there’ write home to. One of the original Cavalcade members along with Johnny and Neal. Private secretary to a company CEO during the day. Married once – now the single mother of a four year old son. Constantly gets offers for something ‘bigger’, but claims to be happy where she is. Classic 40s voice.