Johnny – (Baritone) The main protagonist of the story. On his picaresque journey, he experiences nihilism, drug abuse, and lost love.

Tunny – (Tenor) Johnny’s friend. He accompanies Johnny to the city, but soon joins the military and is sent to war. Tunny suffers serious injuries and loses a leg. During his rehabilitation, he falls in love with his nurse, and she returns home with him.

Will – (Tenor) Johnny’s friend. He plans to leave town with the group until his girlfriend, Heather, reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Will stays at home in an alcohol and drug-infused depression.

Whatsername – (Mezzo-Soprano)An attractive young woman who accompanies Johnny on his journey. She eventually realizes that their relationship is destructive and leaves him.

Heather – (Mezzo-Soprano)Will’s pregnant girlfriend. She leaves Will and begins a relationship with another man to protect their child, eventually leading a life of glamour in stark contrast with Will’s depression.

The Extraordinary Girl – (Mezzo-Soprano) Tunny’s rehab nurse. The two fall in love.

8 ensemble men and women – they represent the same disenfranchised youth that echo the sentiments of the three boys.

St Jimmy is already cast.