The role of Anatoly (The Russian) has been precast. ALL other roles are open for audition

Freddie Trumper (“The American”) – Rock tenor (to C). The American chess champion, a cross between Bobby Fisher and John McEnroe. Arrogant and temperamental, but a genius; his chess playing is revolutionary. He is dangerously obsessed with his art.  [Audition Song: Pity The Child m. 26-61]

Florence Vassy- strong belt voice (to E). Hungarian-born. She is clever, theatrical, touching, vivacious, volatile. Frederick’s chess second. She’s worked very hard to become the cosmopolitan woman she is today, and sometimes she tries a little too hard. Falls in love with Anatoly. Starts by focusing on the game (and Freddie), ends focusing on her heart (and Anatoly). [Audition Song: Heaven Help My Heart m. 29-end]

Alexander Molokov – Bass (down to F sharp). Anatoly’s second—and a KGB agent. Not above manipulating others to further his political aims. Intellectually formidable and fiercely patriotic. [Audition Song: Soviet Machine m. 17-57]

Svetlana Sergievsky – strong belt voice. Anatoly’s wife. Domestic, wholesome, homey, but still effortlessly elegant. Loves her husband, but knows that she’ll never be able to combat his flaws and obsessions. [Audition Song: Someone Else’s Story m. 20-59]

Walter de Courcey- Bass-Baritone (down to G sharp). A marketing agent. Seemingly  respectable, substantial, trustworthy—but secretly a manipulative CIA agent. [Audition Song: The Interview m. 37-70]

The Arbiter- rock high baritone (up to A). International businessman. Smooth, but with a quick temper, he’s the chess tournament’s referee and sometimes “narrator.” [Audition Song: The Arbitor m. 11-44]

Ensemble: Please be prepared to sing 16-24 measures of a song of a similar “pop” style