Roscoe (Tenor): Former emcee, showstopper voice
Phyllis Rogers Stone (Mezzo/Alto): Former showgirl. Elegant, well-read, polished.
Hattie Walker (Alto, 65 – 80): Steely, tough
Buddy Stone (Baritone): Phyllis’ husband. Worldly, wealthy, suave.
Stella Deems (Mezzo): Former showgirl. Heavyset.
Heidi Schiller (Mature Soprano, 70 – 90): former great performer
Solange La Fitte (Mezzo, “66”): French. Very fashionable.
Dimitri Weissman (non-singing): Former producer of the Weissman Follies
Carlotta Campion (Alto): A one-time movie star
Other Former Weissman Girls…
Vanessa (tango), Meredith Lane, Dee Dee West, Emily Whitman (70s), Francesca, Christine Donovan
Former Weissman Men…
Vincent (Tango), Max Deems, Theodore Whitman (70s), Willy Wheeler Former acrobat, now out of shape.
Young Phyllis (Mezzo)

Young Ben (High Baritone)

Young Buddy (Tenor)

Young Sally (Soprano)

Young Stella, Young Heidi, Major-domo, Chauffeur, Kevin (a waiter)

Ben and Sally Plummer are already cast.