Aurora/Spider Woman -20’s to 50’s, mezzo soprano
The central figure of Molina’s fantasy world – a “vampy diva”, stunning, dazzling and comforting in all her roles except for that of the Spider Woman, who is treacherous and frightening to Molina. Role requires strong acting, singing and movement.

Molina – 30’s, tenor
A homosexual man serving an 8 year sentence for deviant behavior, who worked as a window dresser. Very smart and imaginative with a tremendous ability to shape language into images. Must be a strong actor and singer and must move well.

Valentin – Mid 20’s to early 30’s, high baritone
A man imprisoned for his ‘fanatical’ political views. Passionate and angry, Valentine carries a deep hatred for the corruption in the Argentine government and is not afraid to fight against those who would oppress the working class. Deeply suspicious, he trusts no one. Must be a very strong actor and singer

Marta – 20’s, soprano
Valentines love. Earthy and beautiful. Appears mostly in dreams, but retains her earthiness. Must be a strong actor and singer.

Molina’s Mother – 50’s to 60’s, contralto
Molina’s loving mother. Careworn, but warm and loving. Years of worrying about her son have taken their toll on her appearance and health. Must be strong actor and singer.

Warden – 40’s to 50’s, speaking role
A hard-edged authoritarion. Sharp and intelligent, he is not without a certain amount of charm which he uses to get the information he seeks. Enjoys the position he holds. Strong actor needed.

Esteban and Marcos – 20’s – 40’s, speaking roles
Prison Guards. Must have some heft and weight to them in order to appear threatening. Pretty funny and comedic, but can turn deadly on a dime. Must be comfortable with lifting bodies and dragging them around.

Gabriel – 20’s to 30’s, high baritone
Molina’s current infatuation. A waiter, handsome and straight. He is warm and appealing, but not interested in Molina in the way that he wishes him to be. May double as prisoner.

Prisoners – 20’s to 40’s, all voices
An ensemble of 4-8 men who play prisoners that double as other characters. Looking for strong singers who can move well