Character Descriptions: Les Liaisons

La Marquise De Merteuil: This role has been cast

Mme De Volanges: 35-50. Merteuil’s cousin, also a widow

Cecile Volanges: 20-25. Volanges’s daughter, attractive girl of 15

Major-Domo: 25-55. Well groomed member of Merteuil’s household

Le Vicomte De Valmont: 30-45. Charming, elegant, and manipulative

Azolan: 20-35. Valmont’s valet de chamber, a dapper young man

Mme De Rosemonde: 50-70. Valmont’s aunt, 84 years old, intelligent, practical, lively

La Presidente De Tourvel: 20-35. young friend of Rosemonde, moral and upstanding

Emilie: 20-35. A courtesan

Le Chevalier Danceny: 20-30. Knight of Malta, handsome and naïve young man courting Cecile

Various servants