Doctor Pierce – Can be Male or Female. Physician at Maplewood Home. Friend to Chris Kringle.

Kris Kringle – Male. Santa Clause. A kind, caring, gentle elderly man.

Bag Lady – Female. Seen at the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Rich Person – Male or Female. Seen at the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Shellhammer – Male or Female. Assistant to Doris Walker.

Doris Walker -Female. Personnel manager at Macy’s. A divorcee and single mother to Susan. Doris is very driven, work oriented, and raises her daughter to be realistic. Doris has no interest in a love affair.

Susan Walker – Female. Doris’; daughter. Susan is very mature for her age. She is serious and unimaginative. Her one Christmas wish is not for toys, but rather a new home and family.

Fred Gayley – Male. Lawyer, Neighbor and friend to Doris and Susan. Fred is in love with Doris and wants to start a family with the two girls.

Drunken Santa – Employee at Macy’s
Macy – Male or Female. Owner and manager of Macy’s department store. Macy is competitive and very interested in money and press.

Sawyer – Male or Female. Works as a vocational guidance counselor for Macy’s employees.

Bloomingdale – Male or Female. Owner and manager of Bloomingdale’s department store. Competition to Macy.

Judge Harper – Male or Female. Judge in the New York State court.

Finley – Male or female – Bailiff in Judge Harper’s court.

Mara – Male or Female – prosecuting attorney against Kris Kringle.

Halloran – Male or Female. Judge harper’s political campaign manager.

Duncan – Male or Female. – Antelope keeper at the Central Park Zoo.

Mara Jr. – Boy or Girl. Mara’s Child.
Al and Lou – Postal employees.

( Extra parts include Teenagers, Children, Parents, Shoppers, Parade Goers, Postal Baggers and Elves.)