Edgar Allan Poe: (40 years old) The infamous writer of the time haunted by his past. Driven to madness through Alcohol and his own imagination.

Annabel Lee: Poe’s long lost love come back from the Grave as a spirit to guide him back to salvation and away from madness.

Young Poe: Precast

Young Annabel Lee: Precast

Captain Nimrod: An elderly man that is in charge of the ship Poe travels on. He admires Poe and wants to bring Poe to his destination but is also a mysterious gentlemen with secrets of his own.

Captain Reynolds: A younger sea Captain and a kind hearted friend of Poes. He travels with Poe and works closely with Captain Nimrod.

(All other Roles are Ensemble parts that will portray multiple characters throughout the show but with the roles listed being the primary parts for each role)

Prince Prospero– Faced with the plague at his doorstep he holds a Masquerade Ball to distract his guests from death but is a short tempered man is easily offended

Viscant Valequez– Prospero’s Snarky brother attending the Masquerade Ball that embraces imminent death.

Dutchess Ulrica- A Guest of the Masquerade Ball that believes Prospero to be a kind gentlemen and fears going against his word.

Father– Annabel Lee’s overbearing father. He hates Edgar and Annabel is his world.

Mrs. O’Leary– A middle aged woman that rents out a room to Poe but hates him and suspects he is up to no good

Hannah– Mrs. O’Leary’s daughter. A younger woman that feels sorry for Poe but is concerned and distraught by the sounds she hears in the night.

Constable Ross– The Policeman that responds to Mrs. O’Leary’s call about a disturbance. A man that seeks truth without jumping to conclusions.

Cabin Boy/ Jake/ Rusty/ Miguel– All sailors that work aboard Captain Nimrods Ship. They crew the deck at night and are constantly interacting with Poe as he spirals into madness. Trying their best to look after him and comfort the man.