Characters: Keely and Du

DU: Female, mid-50s to mid-60s. Not frail. Retired registered nurse; likable, motherly, understanding. Very resilient after growing up in large, economically stressed 1950s single-parent family. Not vain; no nonsense; sensible shoes. Du’s a pro-lifer with a very strong, very conservative Christian faith, dedicated to the point of risking her freedom to see that agenda advanced. Too compassionate and has seen too much humanity to be a complete ideologue. Subservient to male church leadership, but well aware how fallible men are. True believer, but one who will speak and act definitively when true believers put others in physical danger. Believes in making the best of—and staying with—a bad situation. Prepare: Monologue; Scene

KEELY: Female, mid-20s to early-30s; 3 months pregnant. Rough-edged but still somewhat feminine daughter of a policeman. Plain-spoken, uses profanity; “contrary.” Likes beer, bars, country music, rock climbing. Dad’s caregiver after his disability: no college. Works two jobs. Resents men’s domination (dad, brother, bosses, boyfriends) but still seeks the type. Fearless; reckless. Quickly married COLE despite his temper and drinking; stayed as marriage fell apart; left when he forced himself on her. She was abducted on way to an abortion clinic. Now imprisoned: cornered, desperate, but slowly develops relationship with DU. Pro-choice, but being forced to examine her choices.
Prepare: Monologue 1 OR Monologue 2; Scene

WALTER: Male, middle-aged. Self-styled somewhat charismatic pastor of a relatively small, very conservative, fundamentalist Christian church. Extremely pro-life: a true believer whose god told him to join an organized underground group that abducts women seeking abortions. Pastoral manner on the surface; authoritarian underneath who gets angry when disobeyed. Stickler for things running on time. Prepare: Monologue + Scene

COLE: Male, mid-20s to early 30s. Thin to medium build. Blue-collar; uneducated, street-wise. IN THE PAST: manipulative ladies’ man. Fronted like an alpha male; too unstable to sustain the role. Barroom swagger concealed major drinking and temper; couldn’t keep a steady job. Control issues with women expressed in violence, stalking and rape when they didn’t comply. NOW: Trying to reform in a Christian cult; desperate to believe their claims that everything will work out if he just believes, does, says what the preacher tells him to. Prepare: Monologue

ASSISTANTS/ORDERLIES: any gender. Physical condition: robust enough to lift a body. They help the underground pro-life group. Brief roles. Non-speaking.

GUARDS(s): any gender. Physical condition- must be able to believably restrain an inmate. Brief role, non-speaking.