Characters: Midsummer

“Duke” Theseus – Mayor of Athens, an old-style conservative political machine boss,
betrothed to his political rival, Hippolyta.

Hippolyta – Head of the local WPA (Works Progress Administration) project office. A proto-feminist in the mold of Eleanor Roosevelt. Theseus’ fiancé and more than his

Egeus – A political crony of Theseus. Father of Hermia.

Hermia – Daughter of Theseus. In love of Lysander. Headstrong and hopelessly romantic.

Helena – Hermia’s live-long friend. In love with Demetrius. Insecure and envious of her friend.

Lysander – An employee of Hippolyta at the WPA. In love with Hermia.

Demetrius – An employee of Egeus, and the preferred match for his daughter, though he clearly has had a dalliance with Helena.

Peter Quince – A struggling local playwright employed by the WPA, trying to bring a
new take of a classic story to life on the stage with the available talent at hand.

Nick Bottom – A worker on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge project. A likeable fellow, whose ambitions often out pace the reach of his talents. Cast as Pyramus

Francis Flute – A worker on the bridge. The youngest of the mechanicals. Cast as

Tom Snout – A worker on the bridge. Cast as Wall.

Robin Starveling – A tailor involved in the theatre project. Cast as Moonshine.

Snug – A worker on the bridge. Large and slow, but kind hearted. Cast as Lion.

Oberon – King of the faerie realm. Locked in an eternal battle with his queen, Titania.

Titania – Queen of the faerie realm.

Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mustardseed – Three attendants to Titania, known to the
human realm as The Philostrates, a singing trio. Even when not singing they talk and move as portions of a chord or single thought.

Puck – Oberon’s “court jester”. He moves through the human realm in the guise of
Prof. Robin Goodfellow, a one-man sideshow. Note: the role of Puck is precast.

The Company – the members of the company will play the elements of the magical
realm (trees, Oberon and Titania’s faerie courts), as well the villagers of Athens. We are looking for dancers and movers. Experience in dance, mime, clowning, acrobatics helpful, but not necessary.