Characters: Oliver!


Oliver (8-12) – a young orphan who lives in a workhouse 50 miles north of London. He longs to find a family of his own. He is a sweet child and unwittingly becomes the center of many different circles. OLIVER IS DOUBLE CAST.

Nancy (18-30) – a former pupil of Fagin’s. Now a prostitute, petty thief and a barmaid, she is a sort of mother to all of Fagin’s kids. She is also Bill’s paramour. Deeply in love with him, and trapped. She is very loyal, but will fight for those who need it.’

LOOKING TO CAST 10 MALE PRESENTING AND 10 FEMALE PRESENTING ENSEMBLE MEMBERS who, in addition to the named/featured roles below, will fill in scenes as Servants, Street Vendors, Prostitutes, Bar Patrons, the People of London, etc when not playing their primary character.

Jack “Artful Dodger” Dawkins (14-16) The slipperiest and best thief in London. Fagin’s first in command. Smarter than he looks. Sees everything. Also plays a workhouse orphan. DODGER IS DOUBLE CAST.

Bill Sykes (20-40) – The most terrifying thief and murderer in London. A former pupil of Fagin’s. He resents Oliver who gets all the care and love from his friends he never got. He’s mad at the world and doesn’t care about the consequences.

 Bet (18-25): Nancy’s best friend, a prostitute and bar maid, also a graduate of Fagin’s Den.

Charlotte Sowerberry(18-25): Daughter of the owners of the funeral parlor to which Oliver is sold. Sleeping with Noah. Terribly mean to Oliver.

Rose Seller (20-30): Woman selling roses outside Oliver’s window at the Brownlow house (featured soloist).

Milk Maid (20-30): Woman selling milk outside Oliver’s window at the Brownlow house (featured soloist).

Strawberry Seller (20-30): Woman selling strawberries outside Oliver’s window at the Brownlow house (featured soloist).

Widow Corney(40-55): the Head Mistress of the workhouse in which Oliver lives and works. Flirts with and eventually marries Mr. Bumble. Helped deliver Oliver.

Mrs. Sowerberry(40-55): The wife of the owner of the funeral parlor, very sour, very mean and unfeeling. She wants the best for her daughter, but doesn’t know how to get it.

Mrs. Bedwin (60’s): Mr. Brownlow’s housekeeper, a mother figure to Oliver, she was his mother’s nanny, but does not realize the connection.

Old Sally(60-80): The nurse who delivered Oliver and kept his mother’s locket, she is the piece in the puzzle that solves Oliver’s identity and family connection. She’s also very old and VERY sick.

Noah Claypole (18-25): Sexy, dumb. Assistant to the Sowerberrys, sleeping with  Charlotte. Terribly mean to Oliver.

Knife Grinder (20-40): A Man selling his knife grinding skills outside Oliver’s window, tall, strong (featured soloist).

Mr. Bumble (40-60): The head of the workhouse in which Oliver is born and works, he sells him to the Sowerberrys after Oliver asks for “More.” An old man in fear of the state and what it may do to his job and position.

 Mr. Sowerberry (40-60): The owner of the funeral parlor to which Oliver is sold. A terribly creepy man.

Mr. Brownlow (45-65):  A kindly older man who is Oliver’s grandfather, but doesn’t know it.

Dr. Grimwig (50-70) : A Doctor who knows Oliver’s family and his mother.

Looking to Cast 10 Male and 10 Female Ensemble Members who fill in scenes as various characters when not playing primary aforementioned roles (i.e. Servants, Street Vendors, Bow Street Runners, Prostitutes, Bar Patrons, etc)


Looking to Cast TWO Children’s Ensembles of 12 Children Each for a Total of 24 Children (*A* Cast and *B* Cast), to play Workhouse Orphans, Fagin’s Gang, Street Urchins, Upper Class Children, etc.