Characters: Our Lady of 121st Street

VIC-Caucasian, 50’s: Sister Rose’s longtime friend, what would be considered in the popular imagination to be a *typical* New Yorker. Heavy accent. Vic is loud, opinionated, full of bluster, but there are signs he has a big heart.
BALTHAZAR-Latinx or mixed race, mid-30’s-mid 40’s: Balthazar is a Police Detective. He is a heavy drinker and has been hardened by his job and past heartbreak, he channels his grief through anger, but is capable of moments of tenderness.
WALTER aka *ROOFTOP*-African American, late 30’s: Walter/Rooftop is a DJ currently living in Los Angeles. Walter is larger than life, always *on*, long-winded, and a man of contradictions; he can be shallow but has stunning moments of wisdom. Walter/Rooftop is Inez’s ex-husband.
FATHER LUX-Any ethnicity, 60’s: *IMPORTANT- Character is wheelchair-bound due to a combat injury from the Vietnam War*Father Lux is the parish priest, he is no-nonsense, very intelligent, wise, and somewhat impatient.
INEZ-African American, Latinx, or mixed race, late 30’s: Inez is the glue of the group. She is intelligent and self-posessed, she does not shy away from calling people out for their actions and has deep pain from previous betrayals. Inez is Walter/Rooftop’s ex-wife.
FLIP-African American, Latinx or mixed race, late 30’s: Flip is a lawyer currently living in Wisconsin with his lover, Gail. Flip is not out to his family or friends in NYC. Flip is short-tempered and conflicted.
GAIL-Any Ethnicity, late 30’s: Gail is Flip’s lover. An aspiring actor, Gail is by turns melodramatic, sarcastic, and loving.
EDWIN-Latinx, African American or mixed race, late 30’s: Edwin is a building super in the neighborhood, and the full-time caretaker of his developmentally-delayed younger brother, Pinky. Edwin is generally kind, well-meaning and paternal is a clumsy sort of way. He is weary and longs for more from life, but feels he cannot because of his responsibilities to Pinky.
PINKY-Latinx, African American or mixed race, late 20’s/early 30’s: Pinky is Edwin’s younger brother. Pinky is developmentally delayed due to a traumatic brain injury when he was a young child. Pinky is sweet, trusting, impulsive and says exactly what he means.
MARCIA-Caucasian, late 30’s: Marcia is Sister Rose’s niece. Marcia is a hypochondriac and she is wound VERY tightly.
NORCA-Any Ethnicity, late 20’s/early 30’s: Norca is profane, defensive, and covers her insecurities with explosive anger, she feels judged by the other characters and deflects in any way possible.
SONIA-Caucasian, 30’s: Sonia is Marcia’s friend. Sonia is soft-spoken and bewildered, kind but somewhat awkward, she has a lot on her mind but keeps her own counsel.