Characters: The Matchmaker

Horace Vandergelder: Male, 50-69 Volatile and hotheaded. He’s a self made man who has amassed his wealth by being frugal. He finds spending money painful. He prefers the “old way” of doing things.

Dolly Gallagher Levi: Female, 30-49 Bursting with life; mischievous; an
improviser; a trickster. Always scheming. Trying to get Vandergelder to marry her.

Cornelius Hackl: Male, 30-49 A romantic lead, but not necessarily traditionally handsome; full of self confidence, daring, and a sense of adventure. Cool under pressure.

Irene Molloy: Female, 30-45 Works in a milliner’s shop and on the outside
appears content, but she is a rebel at heart. She is driven by frustration with her financial and social limitations, a hot head. She seems prim, but when necessary, the gloves come off. A thoroughbred who’s been locked up in a stable and cannot be contained any longer.

Barnaby Tucker: Male, 20-29 Boyish, earnest, naïve, and innocent. Follows
Cornelius in his adventure. Not the brightest.

Minnie Fay: Female, 20-29 In awe of Irene Molloy’s rebellion. She is genuinely innocent; sheltered. She follows rules like a good girl should. (She’s not up tight, she’s just never conceived of breaking rules.)

Ambrose Kemper: Male, 20-35 An artist with a fiery temper. Flashes to anger when he perceives injustice. (He is more like Vandergelder than anyone else in his lack of control with his temper.) He dotes on Ermengarde and wants to take care of her.

Ermengarde: Female, 20-35 High strung, fluttery and birdlike. She is inherently very submissive and takes the safe road. She wouldn’t dream of talking back to a parental figure or superior.

Malachi Stack: Male, 40-55 A trickster servant; one step away from criminal. A drunk, loveable, disgusting, middle aged man.

Flora Van Huysen: Female, 40-59 The queen of the romantics; all love, air and dreaminess. She’s a crazy old lady who just loves love. However, when you cross her, you get nailed with a purse. She is a formidable presence.

Ensemble: Joe Scanlon: Male, 40-69 A flustered barber.

Rudolph: Male, 40-69 A high-class waiter who loses control.

August: Male, 20-35 A new waiter, not as high class as Rudolph. Also losing

Cabman: Male, 30-59 An intimidating presence; gruff, rough around the edges.

Gertrude: Female, 50-79 The ancient governess of Vandergelder’s home. Hard of hearing.

Cook for Miss Van Huysen: Any gender and age 20+. Very well grounded, able to be the voice of reason to Flora’s airiness.