Characters: Wait Until Dark

Mike Talman |M or F| Just paroled three months ago and back to doing con artist jobs. He poses as a dear friend to Sam Hendrix.

Sgt. Carlinon |M| Con artist who also was released from jail, he poses as a Sargent.

Harry Roat, Jr| M| late 20’s to early 40’s| Master Manipulator and Criminal, he orchestrates everything.

Susy Hendrix |F| 23-35| A strong and intelligent woman who is blind. She is very quick thinking. Actresses who are blind or visually impaired are strongly encouraged to audition.

Sam Hendrix: |M| 23-35| A ex-marine, whose passion is photography and his job causes him to travel often.

Gloria |F| 10-15| A smart and helpful young girl who lives upstairs of the Hendrix’s.

Patrolman #1: Precast

Patrolman #2: Comes in to find a sight before them. (small role)