Frost Nixon Characters

DAVID FROST: Lead, 30s – 40s. British journalist, comedian and host of The David Frost Show. Leading man type. Must be able to do a convincing British accent.

RICHARD NIXON: Lead, needs to look 60s – 70s, can be younger. Should resemble former President Richard Nixon, post-Watergate. Not necessarily an impersonation.

JOHN BIRT: Supporting, 30 -50. BBC’s director of news and current affairs. Producer for the Frost team. Must be able to do a convincing British accent

BOB ZELNICK: Supporting, 30 -50. American Journalist, executive editor of the “Frost/Nixon” interviews.

JAMES RESTON, JR.: Supporting, 30 -50. American author and journalist. Researcher for the Frost team.

IRVING “SWIFTY” LAZAR: Supporting, 30 -50. Talent agent that represented authors and celebrities. Negotiated “Frost/Nixon” interviews on behalf of Richard Nixon. Bald and appears older than his actual age. Quirky.

MIKE WALLACE: Supporting, 40s – 50s. American journalist most known for being one of the original correspondents on “60 Minutes.”

JAMES BRENNAN: Supporting, 30 -50. A retired US Marine Corps Reserve Officer (Colonel) and a political aide. Nixon’s post-resignation chief of staff.

CAROLINE CUSHING: Supporting, 20s – 30s. David Frost’s girlfriend. Lives in Monte Carlo. Fashion model. Ability to do French accent helpful.

EVONNE GOOLAGONG: Supporting, 20s – 30s. Top female tennis play in the 1970s. Athletic with a mix of Australian and aboriginal heritage. Must be able to do a convincing Australian accent.

MANOLO SANCHEZ: Supporting, 30s – 50s. Nixon’s valet of 12 years. Cuban background.

ENSEMBLE will consist of up to 3 men and 3 women. Ensemble members may likely be cast in
supporting roles as well. There will be double and some ensemble members may receive speaking roles. We are looking for at least 10 and no more than 15 actors for this production.

All of the characters are based on real people although being a lookalike is not required to be cast in this production. The ages listed are the ranges appropriate for the time the play takes place: late 1974-77.