CLAUDIUS, King of Denmark: (50 – 60) The usurper. A true and unabashed
fascist who has seized the government of Denmark and is now consolidating his
political power through a populist appeal and violence. Energetic, beguiling,
but intimidating when he needs to be.

HAMLET, son to the late King Hamlet, and nephew to the present king: (25 –
35) The titular prince, and the living embodiment of melancholy. He is
paralyzed with guilt, and unable to avenge his father, until he is reminded of
what it means to take action.

POLONIUS, Lord Chamberlain: (50 – 60) He is Claudius’; right hand and most
fervent supporter. He plays the fool, but is extremely dangerous.

HORATIO, friend to Hamlet: (25 – 35) A fellow student, and the only person
Hamlet can trust. Horatio grew up in a working class home, and finds the court
and its intrigue an alien environment.

LAERTES, son to Polonius: (25 – 35) Not terribly interested in politics, his
only desire is to go abroad (and perhaps get away from his father’s control).
Unlike Hamlet, he is easily moved to vengeance.

ROSENCRANTZ, a courtier
GUILDENSTERN, a courtier
(25 – 35) Two contemporaries of Hamlet from his younger days who allow
themselves to become pawns of the King and Queen.

OSRIC, a courtier – Possibly the most outlandish fop ever written.

MARCELLUS, an officer – A bit more seasoned than the other soldiers; he
does his duty, but he is smart enough to know that this is not normal.

BARNARDO, an officer
FRANCISCO, a soldier

FORTINBRAS, Prince of Norway: (25 – 35) This guy is John Wayne.

GERTRUDE, Queen of Denmark, and mother to Hamlet: (50 – 60) Regal,
beautiful, and the key to Claudius’ legal claim. We do not know what role she
had, if any, in Claudius; putsch. Dotes on her son.

GHOST of Hamlet’s Father: (50 – 60) Once, a great hero and wise leader.