May 12-20, 2017

Early Bird Pricing Ends May 7, 2017

Audition January 15,16, & 17 7pm

Tickets Available

Our annual Shakespearian production is back. We proudly present the tale of William Shakespeare’s Othello. Against all customs Othello and Desdemona fall in love. However Iago, jilted over Othello’s rise to power, unleashes his revenge by ensnaring Othello’s friend Cassio and duping the witless Rodrigo. The tale of Othello and his ill-fated love to Desdemona will be told in an updated unique setting.

Cast & Production Team

Janitor/Othello:  James Sanders
Patient/Iago:  Dan Rowlands
Desdemona: Kristina Rusho
Psychiatrist/Cassio: Trevor Hill
Nurse/Emelia: Lynn Barbato King
Nurse/Bianca: Kimberly Grader/Alyssa Otoski
Orderly/Duke of Venice: Samuel Tamburo
Orderly/Gratiano: Robert Phillips
Patient/Roderigo: Justin Polly
Patient/Brabantio: William Edward White
Patient/Lodovicio: Jack Sherman
Patient/Montano: Mike King
Patient/Senator/various: Christopher Best; John Brackett

Director:Alan Stillman
Stage Manager: Rachel Briscoe
Producers: Steve and Crystal Rowlands
Costume Design: Kate Kisselstein
Set Design: Alan Stillman & Chris Lupia
Sound Design: Alan Stillman & Robert G. Searle
Light Design: William Edward White