May 11-19, 2018

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Our May Shakespeare is back this year with Hamlet. Hamlet’s world is ripped apart after one parent’s untimely death and the other’s hasty remarriage, and the young prince’s heart and mind wrestle for control in a tormented quest to uncover the truth.

Cast & Production Team

Hamlet – Liam Fitzpatrick
Claudius – Jeremiah Thompson
Gertrude – Katherine Gibson
Polonius – Simon Moody
Ophelia – Lynn Barbato King
Laertes – Michael R King
Horatio – Basil Allen
Rosencrantz – Alyssa Otoski-Keim
Guildenstern – Tyler Ianuzi
Marcellus – John Brackett
Barnardo – Stephen Shepherd
Francisco – Jesse McCormick
Ghost of Hamlet’s Father – Christopher J Lupia
Fortinbras – Ryan Maness
Osric – Christa Wirth
Player Queen – Natasia White
Gravedigger – William E White

Paul Cayen
Kristina Rusho
Charles S Smith II
Chris Best
Trevor F Hill

Production Team:
Director – Trevor F Hill
Exec Prod – Dustin Czarny
Producers – Pat Catchouny, Sarah Anson
Stage Manager – Margot Reed
Scenic design – Bill White, Chris Lupia, Trevor Hill
Lighting – Bill White
Sound – Rob Searle
Costumes – Stephanie Long