SEPTEMBER 1- 9, 2023

By Harold Pinter

First presented at the National Theatre in 1978, Harold Pinter’s acclaimed play centers on an affair and its revelation, portrayed in reverse chronological order.

Jerry is a literary agent; Emma runs an art gallery; Robert is a publisher. Emma and Robert are married and Jerry is Robert’s best friend, but Emma and Jerry have had a seven-year affair. The play opens with Emma and Jerry meeting for lunch in 1977, two years after the affair has finished and by a brilliant device the relationship of the three is traced backwards nine years to the evening when it all began.

Creative Team

Co-Directors / Co-Producers: Robert G. Searle and Larry Alan Coke
Stage Manager: Paul Cayen
Lighting Designer: Sarah Anson-Ordon
Sound Designer: Robert G. Searle
Costume Designer: Kylee Galarneau
Props Master: Korena Tavano
Set Designer: Christopher James Lupia & Robert G. Searle
Set Construction: Christopher James Lupia


Jerry: Michael King
Sarah Anson-Ordon
Brian O’Connor II
: Jason Obie

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Betrayal is presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc.