Prescription: Murder


By: William Link & Richard Levinson

Providing the inspiration for the TV series “Columbo”, the theatrical predecessor Prescription: Murder tells the story of a brilliant psychiatrist and his mistress who hatch a plot to murder his neurotic, possessive wife. The execution of their plan and the creation of their perfect alibi depends on a bizarre impersonation. Lt. Columbo must engage the psychiatrist in a duel of wits until the doctor succeeds in having Columbo removed from the case. However, it is the mistress who proves to be the weak link that leads to a trap and a surprising climax!

Creative Team

Director: Lynn Barbato King
Assistant Director: Alex Gilbert
Producers: Bella Lupia & Naomi Sorrwar-Randall
Stage Manager: Sara Harrington
Fight Choreographer: Rose Hays
Set Designer: Christopher James Lupia
Lighting Designer: Sarah Anson-Ordon
Sound Designer: Nic MacLane
Costume Designer: Lynn Barbato King
Props Masters: Cole LaVenture & Imy Whyte


Dr. Roy Flemming: Jesse Orton
Claire Flemming: Rose Hays
Susan Hudson: Marion Avila
Lieutenant Columbo: Jim Molloy
Dave Gordon (U/S Roy): Christopher James Lupia
Miss Petrie: Kathy Burke Egloff
Delivery Boy: Jason Obie

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Prescription: Murder is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.