Two Into One

January 2013

A Member of Parliament tries to arrange a dalliance with a secretary for the P.M. in an out of the way little hotel. Unfortunately, he engages one of his aides to arrange the whole thing. The aide is something of a charming bumbler and he gets everything all mixed up. Also on hand are the pompously disapproving hotelĀ manager, a venal ethnic waiter and a female Labour politician who crusades against pornography on the one hand, while on the other she is trying to lure the bumbling civil servant into bed!


Richard Willey – David Vickers
Pamela Willey – Kasey Marie McHale
Receptionist – Pam Shay Hipius
Manager – Greg J. Hipius
Waiter – Michael Fernandez
Lily Chatterton – Jenn DeCook
George Pigdon – Justin Polly
The Maid – Crystal Rowlands
Jennifer Bristow – Jennie Russo
Edward Bristow – Gerrit Vander Werff Jr.

Creative Team

Director – Dustin M. Czarny
Costumer – Sara Barden
Stage Manager – Christopher Best
Asst. Stage Manager – Colleen Deiterich
Tech Director – Dan Randall
Light Board and Sound – Val Garfield