The Wild Party

May 2014

Adapted from a book-length poem written in and about the Roaring Twenties, Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party tells the story of one wild evening in the Manhattan apartment shared by Queenie and Burrs, a vaudeville dancer and a vaudeville clown. In a relationship marked by vicious behavior and recklessness (mirroring the time in which they live), they decide to throw a party to end all parties.

An award-winning score by Andrew Lippa provides excitement and drive for this tale of passions out of control. Capturing the sound of a bygone era with a nod to the present one, he makes us realize that moral decadence is not only limited to our past.


Queenie – Leila Dean
Burrs – Jason Bean
Kate – Mary Musial
Black – Liam Fitzpatrick
Phil D’Armano – Benjamin Wells
Oscar D’Armano – Abel Searor
Max – Adam Schmidtmann
Dolores – Korrie Taylor
Sam – Donnie Williams
Jackie – Stephfond Brunson
Madeline – Michaela Oney
Nadine – Jessie Dobrzynski
Mae – Briana Duger
Eddie – Zach Siracuse
Jackie – Stephfond Brunson
Neighbor – Marguerite Beebe
Ensemble – Amy Bubb, Kate Crawford, Keegan Lounsberry, Carleena Manzi


Director – Stephfond Brunson
Music Director – Abel Searor
Set Designer – Dustin M. Czarny
Scenic Artist – Anne Fitzgerald
Stage Manager – Sara Harrington
Stage Construction – Steve Beebe