July 2016

Argentina’s controversial First Lady is the subject of this dynamic musical masterpiece. As an illegitimate fifteen year old, Eva escaped her dirt-poor existence for the bright lights of Buenos Aires. Driven by ambition and blessed with charisma, she was a starlet at twenty-two, the president’s mistress at twenty-four, First Lady at twenty-seven, and dead at thirty-three. Eva Peron ‘saint to the working-class, reviled by the aristocracy and mistrusted by the military’ was destined to leave a fascinating political legacy unique in the 20th century. Told through a compelling score that fuses haunting chorales with exuberant Latin, pop and jazz influences, Evita creates an arresting theatrical portrait as complex as the woman herself.

Syracuse New Times
Eagle Bulletin
NY Theatre Guide


Eva Peron – Erin Williamson
Ché – Liam Fitzpatrick
Juan Perón – Rob Searle
Agustin Magaldi – Ben Sills
Mistress – Carleena Manzi

Male Ensemble:
Jordan Twiss
Derek Powell
Chrisopher James Lupia
Declan Cavanaugh
Jacob Ellison

Female Ensemble:
Kathy Burke Egloff
Korrie Taylor
Terri Kennedy
Jennifer Stace
Elizabeth Rolnick
Emilie Pitts


Director: Abel Searor
Musical Director: Abel Searor
Choreographer: Sami Conter Hoerner
Producer: Keith Arlington
Stage Manager: Michaela Oney
Ms. Williamson’s Costumes: Stephanie Long
Main Costumer: Carleena Manzi
Costume Assistance: Laurie Rolnick
Hair and Wig Designer: Jennifer Pearson
Set Designer: Dustin Czarny
Lighting Designer: Liam Fitzpatrick
Sound Designer: Rob Searle
Run Crew: Sara Harrington, Emily Harrington