May 2016

Updated to be set in the late 1940’s, William Shakespeare’s MacBeth tells the tale of MacBeth, and ambitious would be king and his power hungry wife. They kill their way to the top with the help of the Three Sisters, but a misread fortune and revenge may spell their doom.

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Macbeth – Nathan Faudree
Lady Macbeth – Katie Gibson
Macduff – James Uva
Banquo – Jeremiah Thompson
Malcolm – Basil Allen
Duncan – William Edward White
Ross – Sean Pratt
Lennox – Michael King
Angus – Issaiah Vergara
The Weird Sisters – Marguerite Newton, Katie Deferio, Amaya Eckel
Seyton – Simon Moody
Lady Macduff – Lynn Barbato King
Siward – Keith Arlington
2 Murderers – Kyle Schantz, Derek Potocki
Caithness – Steve Rowlands
Mentieth – Chris Best
Fleance – David Hoy
Macduff’s Son – Collin Dean
Gentlewoman – Noelle Hedgcock


Director – Dan Rowlands
SM – Steve Rowlands
Producers – Jay Burris & Kasey Mchale
Costumes – Capri Merrifield
Fight Choreo – Derek Potocki