Witness for the Prosecution

September 2016

Witness for the Prosecution centers on the case of Leonard Vole, an easy going, down-on-his-luck young man whose only crime is helping lonely, wealthy Emily French retrieve her packages from the street. The two become friends but after an evening of playing double solitaire, Miss French is found murdered and Vole is charged with the crime.

Wilfred Robarts, the defense attorney for Vole matches wits with prosecutor Myers to prove Vole’s innocence. Witnesses of all authorities testify, but it is the prosecution’s witness who brings the case to an astonishing end. Known for her plot twists and surprise endings, Miss Christie does not disappoint in this tightly woven courtroom drama.

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Greta: Melanie Kiehl
Carter: Rich Bocek
Mayhew: Jon Wilson
Leonard: Daryl Acevedo
Robarts: Joe Pierce
Inspector Hearne: Bernie Ment
Police Officer: Michael Lehmann
Romaine: Heather Roach
Court Clerk: Sheirel Mordaunt
Bailiff: Phil Brady
Judge Wainwright: Al Marshall
Myers: Lauren Puente
Dr. Wyatt: Bruce Coville
Janet MacKenzie: Glenda House
Ms. Klegg: Denise Ballou
Jenny Wood: Alicia Cobb


Producer: Kasey McHale
Director: Sharee Pierce
Stage Manager: Lizzy Allers
Sound Designer: Robert G. Searle
Scenic Designer: Navroz Dabu