May 11-19, 2018

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“Like a singer sliding into a different key, Fitzpatrick’s Hamlet nimbly dances the line between clarity and craziness….it’s a triumph.” – Russ Tarby Eagle Bulletin

“The often successful Central New York Playhouse “Hamlet,” unfolding in stylized contemporary dress and design with an interesting use of projections, bravely scratches beneath the surface….This is the beating heart of community theater.”  -Len Fonte syracuse.com

Our May Shakespeare is back this year with Hamlet. Hamlet’s world is ripped apart after one parent’s untimely death and the other’s hasty remarriage, and the young prince’s heart and mind wrestle for control in a tormented quest to uncover the truth.

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Cast & Production Team

Liam Fitzpatrick Hamlet

Alan Stillman Claudius

Katherine Gibson Gertrude

Simon Moody Polonius

Lynn Barbato King Ophelia

Michael R King Laertes

Basil Allen Horatio

Alyssa Otoski-Keim Rosencrantz

Stephen Shepherd Guildenstern

Greg Holtham Marcellus

Cole Salo Barnardo

Derek Potocki Francisco

Christopher J Lupia Ghost of Hamlet’s Father

Miquon Jackson Fortinbras

Christa Wirth Osric

Natasia White Player Queen

William Edward White Gravedigger

Ensemble: Paul Cayen, Kristina Rusho, Chris Best, Isaac Betters, Steve Suppa, Elaine Boardway, Sarah Anson, Sawyer Powell, Heather Rosenthal, Dustin Czarny

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Pat Catchouny: Producer

Michaela Oney: Producer/Assistant Director

Margot Reed: Director/Stage Manager

Liz Stanistreet: Assistant Stage Manager

William Edward White: Scene/Light Design

Chris Lupia: Scene Design

Rob Searle: Sound Design

Stephanie Long: Costumes

Derek Potocki: Fight Coordinator (hand to hand)

Karen Greenfield: Scenic Painter

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