Miracle on 34th Street

December 7-22, 2018 

Based on the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture Miracle on 34th Street
Adapted by Mountain Community Theatre
from the novel by Valentine Davies

Single mother, Doris Walker, doesn’t want her six-year-old Susan’s head filled with romantic notions. Their neighbor, Fred Gailey, tries to woo Doris by charming Susan and taking her to see Santa Claus at Macy’s, where Doris works. Doris is not impressed, but when it turns out that Macy’s Santa may, in fact, be the real Kris Kringle, a wave of love spreads across New York City that melts even the most cynical hearts.


Doctor Pierce: Ann Sweet
Kris Kringle: Tom Minion
Bag Lady: Elaine Boardway
Rich Person: Hinda Crewell
Shellhammer: Hali Greenhouse
Doris Walker: Korrie Taylor
Susan Walker: Amelia Frick
Fred Gayley: Abel Searor
Drunk Santa: Phil Brady
Macy: Bill Lee
Sawyer: Christa Wirth
Bloomingdale: James Sharples
Judge Harper: Jim Molloy
Finley: Tone Merrick
Mara: Lizzy Allers
Halloran: Hinda Crewell
Duncan: Phil Brady
Mara Jr: Layla Meany
Al: Jay Merante
Lou: Paul Cayen
Dutch Girl: Layla Meany
Newscaster: Stephen Shepherd

Teenagers/Elves: Peyton VanBoden, Sam Burton, Sawyer Powell, Nathaniel Betters
Children: Athena Clark, Janet Conklin, Layla Meany, Tatum Taylor

Production Team

Director: Bella Calabria
Producer: Lizzy Allers
Stage Manager: Sarah Anson
Scenic Design: Chris Lupia
Sound Design: Robert G. Searle & Lizzy Allers
Lighting Design: Sarah Anson
Costume Design: Korrie Taylor