Kiss of the Spider Woman

October 12-27, 2018  

Kiss of the Spider Woman revamps a harrowing tale of persecution into a dazzling spectacle that juxtaposes gritty realities with liberating fantasies. Cell mates in a Latin American prison, Valentin is a tough revolutionary undergoing torture and Molina is an unabashed homosexual serving eight years for deviant behavior. Molina shares his fantasies about an actress, Aurora (originated on Broadway by Chita Rivera) with Valentin. One of her roles is a Spider Woman who kills with a kiss.

Cast & Production Team

Molina: Nicholas Maclane
Warden: Eric Feldstein
Valentin: Liam Fitzpatrick
Esteban: Rich Bocek
Marcos: Will Masiclat
Spider Woman/Aurora: Erin Sills
Molina’s Mother: Patricia Catchouny
Marta: Taylor Peck
Gabriel: Isaac Betters
Ensemble: TJ Cravens, Alex Gilbert, Eric Ziegler, Ben Borenstein, Daryl Acevedo

Director: Abel Searor
Choreographer: Shannon Tompkins
Producer: Leila Dean
Stage Managers: Lizzy Allers & Kate Crawford
Lighting Design: Liam Fitzpatrick
Scenic Design & Construction: Christopher Lupia
Sound Design: Robert G. Searle