The Mousetrap

September 7-22, 2018

The Mousetrap, which holds the Guinness world record for longest continuous run of any show, has been running in London for over sixty years.  A contractual stipulation states that no filmed version can be made until the show has been closed for six months.  This is why no movie exists.  The title references ‘Hamlet” in which Hamlet cryptically calls the play depicting the murder of a king, ‘The Mousetrap’.

Seven people are trapped in Monkswell Manor, a guest home isolated by a snowstorm.  Soon a police detective arrives and relates that a murdered woman was once resident of a nearby house.  A few years back, the courts sent several children there for care and protection.  The murdered woman had abused those children.  A note left on her body claimed that there were “three blind mice” who would be murdered and Monkswell Manor is also mentioned in the note.  Sgt. Trotter believes that someone at the manor had a connection with the murder victim.  Each of the stranded occupants denies having any knowledge.

Cast & Production Team

Mollie Ralston – Jennie Russo
Giles Ralston – Jack Carr
Christopher Wren – Strange David Fuller
Mrs Boyle – Nora O’Dea
Major Metcalf – Keith Arlington
Miss Casewell – Alyssa Otoski
Mr Paravicini – Simon Moody
Detective Sergeant Trotter – Stephen Shepherd

Director – Dan Stevens
Producer – Rob Searle
Set & Lighting Design – William Edward White
Costume Coordination – Liz Stanistreet
Stage Manager – Nora O’Dea
Sound Technician – Mike Dougherty
Properties – Jack Carr