Arsenic and Old Lace

September 6-21, 2019

The Classic mystery-farce about two delightfully poisonous old ladies, their daffy nephew, and an eccentric cast of madcap characters. Irresistible fun.

Cast & Creative Team

Abby: Ann Rhodes-Sweet
Martha: Anne Fitzgerald
Mortimer: Corey Hopkins
Elaine: Kate Crawford
The Rev. Dr. Harper: Jim Molloy
Teddy Brewster: Jason Zencka
Officer Brophy: Keith Arlington
Officer Klein: Josh Ammons
Mr. Gibbs: Jim Martin
Jonathan Brewster: Liam Fitzpatrick
Dr. Einstein: Buddy Lee Walter
Officer O’Hara: Chris James
Lieutenant Rooney: Mike King
Mr. Witherspoon: L. Thomas Minion

Director: Abel Searor
Producer: Korrie Taylor
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Lizzy Allers
Set Design: Christopher James Lupia
Lighting Design: Liam Fitzpatrick