A Midsummer Night’s Dream

May 10-18, 2019

A Midsummer Night’s Dream—Shakespeare’s enchanting comic tale of love lost and found—presents love in all its glory, warts and all: Love at first sight, innocent love, love twisted by the mind, by lust, by jealousy, by a marriage on the rocks; love that is thrown into chaos by a mischievous fairy’s mistake.

Cast & Creative Team

Theseus: Alan Stillman
Hippolyta: Lisanne Petracca
Egeus: John Brackett
Hermia: Hali Greenhouse
Lysander: Tyler Ianuzi
Helena: Bella Calabria
Demetrius: Chris Lupia
Oberon: Simon Moody
Titania: Leila Dean
Puck: Binaifer Dabu
Peaseblossom: Natasia Lee
CobwebCassie Angerosa
Mustardseed: Morgan Thomas
Moth: Amber Bates
Peter Quince: Strange David Fuller
Nick Bottom: Ben Sills
Francis Flute: Zach Gray
Tom Snout: Michael Dougherty
Robin Starveling: Ann Sweet
Snug the Joiner: Phil Brady
Enchanted Ensemble: Jacie Conklin, Lidia McDaniel, Rob Phillips,
Diana Elliott, Elaine Boardway, Stephen Shepherd

Director: William Edward White
Producers:  Rachel Briscoe;  Naomi Sorrwar-Randall
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Lauren Puente
Stage Manager:  Sarah Anson
Costume Design:  Diane Bates
Lighting Design:  Sarah Anson
Sound Design:  William Edward White
Scenic Designer:  Navroz Dabu