Shakespeare In Love

February 14-29, 2020

Penniless and indebted to two demanding producers, struggling young playwright William Shakespeare is tormented by writer’s block until he meets the beautiful Viola de Lesseps, daughter of a wealthy merchant, whose fiery passion for poetry and drama leaves her secretly longing to be an actor. Both are despondent when they learn that Viola’s father has promised her to the stuffy Lord Wessex in order to gain a title for their family. Under the veil of secrecy, Will and Viola’s passionate love affair becomes the basis of the very play he is writing – Romeo and Juliet. With opening night – and the wedding day – fast approaching, the plots race toward a parallel conclusion. Will it all work out in the end or are the two star-crossed lovers destined for tragedy?


Will: Jeremiah Thompson
Viola: Bella Lupia
Marlowe: Chris Toia
Nurse: Jennie Russo
Henslowe: Dustin Michael Czarny
Fennyman: Jim Magnarelli
Burbage: Josh Taylor
Lord Wessex: Zach Gray
Ned Allyn: Christopher James Lupia
Queen: Marcia Mele
Tillney: John Bracket
Miss Quigley/Waiter: Morgan Thomas
Sam: Cameron Brown
Ralph: Phil Brady
Nol: Geoffrey Starks
Wabash: David Forest Hitchcock
Robin: Rich Bocek
Webster: Grant Czarny
Molly/Rose Player: Heather J. Roach
Kate/Burbage Actor: Grace Marie Hyde-Beyerl
Robert De Lesseps: Jim Molloy
Caitling/Heavy 2/Guard 2: Tone Merrick
Boatman/Heavy 1/Guard 1: Jim Martin
Bard: Whitney Tenney Pak
Lambert: Bear Bailey
Frees: Christopher Best
Adam: Brian Kalet
Peter: Eli Garcia
Lady-In-Waiting: Katelynn Ulrich
Barman: Alicia Cobb Goodson
Dog: Mr. Darcy

Creative Team

Director: Dustin Czarny
Producer: Patricia Catchouny
Stage Manager: Michaela Oney
Sound Design: Nic MacLane
Set Design: Dustin Czarny
Lighting Design: Liam Fitzpatrick
Costume Design: Barb Toman
Dialect Coach: Marcia Mele
Music Director: Erica Moser
Dog Wrangler: Grace Marie Hyde-Beyerl
Props: Heather Rosenthal
Scenic Painting: Karen Greenfield
Wig Design: Liam Fitzpatrick
Board Operator: Rachel Briscoe
Choreographer: Jodi Bova-Mele
Fight Choreography: Josh Taylor

 Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Music by Paddy Cunneen
Originally produced on the West End by Disney Theatrical Productions and Sonia Friedman Productions, directed by Declan Donnellan, and designed by Nick Ormerod