We Want More

November 18-19, 2022

We Want More tells the story of aging record producer Roger Mackson as he guides young songwriter Sid Williams through the rock industry and helps him find the success Roger lost so many years ago. Amidst Sid’s tumultuous journey, we also see the story of Grace Anders, Sid’s ex-girlfriend and an artist in her own right, as she attempts to finish a series of paintings while exploring a new relationship. The ways their stories diverge and converge paint a picture of the pressures artists feel and the isolation and disconnect they can run into while pursuing their art.

This is a workshop of an original music production written by CNY Playhouse performer Ian Doherty.

Cast & Creative Team

Director: Lynn Barbato King

Musical Director: Erica Moser
Producer: Kate Hopkins & Mookey VanOrden
Writer: Ian Doherty